The Company Began Its Production Of Spinning In March 1939, The Machines Imported From The Best Eurpian And Japanees Manufactrers It Comprises From Four Spinning Mills Range Of Counts From Ne 8 To Ne 120/2, Cotton 100%, And Blends, Polyester/Cotton Polyester/Viscose, In Addition To Sewing Thread Unit For Producin Sewing And Cotton Pearle’ Thread ; The Capacty Of Spinning Activity Is 13960 ton A year.

Misr spinning & weaving and Beida dyers company one of the oldest corporation in the field of spinning and weaving industry in Egypt which was constructed in 25 august 1938 with pure Egyptian finance. Since that date the company becomes the pioneer for producing fine spinning and weaving specially combed yarns in the Middle East area which, its products was desirable worldwide.

we try to preserve our good reputation in the market by producing high quality yarns through:
* four ring spinning factories with 116112 spindles their production excess 20 ton/ day.
* open end factory with 1680 spindles its production excess 3 ton/ day.
*two twisting factories 2 x 1 twist with 4224 spindles their production excess 3.5 ton/day.
* sewing threads unite. * We also have a special sector for padding cotton.

We are proud to produce a variant products such as:
1 –100% cotton yarns (Ne 9:100)
2 – 100% polyester yarns ( Ne 12: 60)
3 – Blended yarns with different percentages according to the client request ( Ne 12: 50)